My goal for the October Challenge was to just finalize and complete the game I started nearly a year ago. Although I’m not releasing under a market where I can gain profit from it, I’d rather just let my first full game creation go without a fee.

I’ll be releasing Cave Encounters (Formerly: Cave Runner) onto the YoYo Games market for free on October 30, this coming Tuesday for PC. I have finalized the game and I am 100% certain that there are no bugs or glitches in it.

I’m still working on the multiplayer function with hopes of getting it fixed sometime early next year.

That’s all for now,


It’s been a long time since I’ve updated my Tumblr, sorry about that. I’ve had my time consumed with finishing a 2nd build for Nova, planning a possible sequel (which is an entire blog post on it’s own) and working on a separate project (which has yet to be announced).

So far on Nova I have all of the bugs finished and I should have a second build ready for download before the weekend gets here. A few changes I’ve made were:

  • Made the Juggernaut class stronger
  • Nerfed the High Dragon
  • When you level up you allot 5 points instead of 3
  • Edited the store values (5 instead of 3)

The only bug that remains is one I cannot find nor fix, that is where you select one monster and it gives you another. It only occurs in the later stages of the game when you are about to fight the High Dragon. Sadly this bug must remain but I assure you that it will not remain in future titles.


As you all may not know my Text-based RPG called Nova was written in Python 2.7 and since then, due to other projects, I updated Python to 3.x.x — As many of you may not know, Python 3.0.0 provided many updates to the syntax. Thus is doing so, I am forced to update and re-organize the source for Nova Alpha_04 and push back the release until further notice.

Alpha_04 will be the final Python release.

On the other hand, I am rebuilding Nova in Java (Java > Python) and have created only the menu system that has yet to be functional, but is practical. From here I will rebuild Alpha_01 and take proper steps in reaching the progress of Alpha_04 and beyond.

There was a bug is Alpha_03.1 that didn’t allow the player to flee battle. This has since been fixed and is ready for compile and release tomorrow evening.

Nova Alpha_03.1 has been released after a few issues were found and weeded out:

  • The reset command was invalid
  • Fixed experience point bug
  • Added Gold

Happy playing!

Nova Alpha_03 has been released and features quite a bit more than it sis in Alpha_02.

Things that are included are:

  • Experience points
  • A Game reset command
  • Stat menus
  • 32 and 64 bit versions

We have no leveling system as of yet but that is planned for Alpha_04 which I’m not planning a release as of yet but will be “soon”.

I hope everyone enjoys the completely new battle system and features.

You can download the Alpha releases from our website at:

Hi Everyone,

I’m know some of you have played my Alpha demo of Nova and I would like to say to you all, Thank You for playing. I’ve received feedback and I’m currently structuring another Alpha release around that.

One of the many things that was mentioned was the battle system. Continually typing “atk” or “attack” during battles was a bit tedious and boring. I’ve designed an updated battle system where the the battle happens automatically in front of you.

Along with the mentioned update I also plan on using stats to track your level, gold, experience, current weapon, health, etc.

This update won’t be uploaded for at least another month as I am still designing most of the major commands.

On a side note I am still working on the Android release for Nova — Alpha 0.2 currently runs well on Android 2.1 and above, but due to major changes in the code for Alpha 0.3 we have hit a snag in Android development, but none-the-less I will release 1.0 for Android.

I think everyone who has played the first Alpha demo (0.2) will love the way that 0.3 will feel when it gets released.

Hello Everyone,

I have currently registered a domain and once I get the website somewhat up I will post my projects for download.

I will also put up some of my old projects and source codes to come in a bit.