Cave Encounters was released a bit early and is now available for download! You can follow the link below to download and try out my game!

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated! Be sure to leave a comment and a rating!

Thank You all,


My goal for the October Challenge was to just finalize and complete the game I started nearly a year ago. Although I’m not releasing under a market where I can gain profit from it, I’d rather just let my first full game creation go without a fee.

I’ll be releasing Cave Encounters (Formerly: Cave Runner) onto the YoYo Games market for free on October 30, this coming Tuesday for PC. I have finalized the game and I am 100% certain that there are no bugs or glitches in it.

I’m still working on the multiplayer function with hopes of getting it fixed sometime early next year.

That’s all for now,


Hello Everyone!

Here we are. We are ending the month of October very soon. With that in mind I would like to happily inform you all that Cave Runner in coming along very well. All of the glitches that were stated in my last post have long been fixed and then some.

I added a whole new menu system and scoring system that looks a lot nicer and runs and acts a lot better than before. I also added a multiplayer option (more on that later). Also added an exit button made the game run very smooth and well all the way around. As of my most recent build there are no bugs to report (YAY!)

More on that multiplayer support. It doesn’t work. The framework I’m using (Game Maker 8) does not support multiplayer functions that well using the default functions for multiplayer which is called “mplay”. The function is there, the usage and limits are very strict. I’ll get into more on this is a later post (I Promise!) So I put the multiplayer menu selection in and most of the coding is there, you just can’t access it as of yet. I’m still working on getting that working properly over a network rather than a LAN.

All in all I’m far from done. I have about 20 to 30 more levels to add and I’m looking for a release on the YoYo Games sandbox at the last day of October (This could change, I’ll also make another post about this as well)

That’s all for now!


Hello Everyone!

I haven’t updated this thing in a while…I’m kinda rusty at it, I suppose. Anyways, I’m bringing this blog back from the grave as I’m going to use this to keep up-to-date on my progress throughout the October Challenge.

For those of you who are not familiar with the October Challenge: The October Challenge is a Indie game challenge where you must have a game completed by November 1st, and then you must put the game on the market and earn at least $1. As long as you earn $1 then you win!

For the October challenge, I will be polishing up the game I did during my first Ludum Dare, a game called “Cave Runner”.

If you would like to play the Ludum Dare release of cave runner, you can download the .EXE right here ~>

There are a little bit of bugs in this release, those of which include:

  • No game restart function
  • Leader-board glitches
  • Collision with advancement tokens are glitched
  • Debug controls are still functional
  • Level design still needs work on some levels
  • Game boundaries broken on some levels

These will be the first things I will fix before adding new features (Gotta fix what’s broken before moving forward, right?)

Back to the October Challenge, for my tools that I will be using, I’ll be using my usual tools for game creation:

  • Game Maker 8.0
  • GIMP
  • Audacity
  • MS Paint

Keep watch on this space for more updates throughout the month, I would also like to release a few versions before going up on the market, I’ll have to see how everything works together (if it does work)

That’s all for now!


Well Ludum Dare 48 has ended and I thought I would go through and review my weekend of how it went. What I did wrong and what I did right.

What went Right

Once the theme was announced I spent about 15 minutes on the design. I instantly knew that I wanted to do a minimalist graphic design and do a basic platformer. All I needed was a title and motivation. I had both. My Friday night was spent doing the graphics. With a minimalist design I didn’t need to do much. 

On Saturday I programmed the movement, environment, tokens and everything else that needed programmed. Fun. Also near the end of Saturday I started doing level designs.

Sunday was the big day. I started realizing what could be done and what couldn’t be done. I finished off my levels, tested, debugged, packaged, and submitted my 48 hour of joy.

What went Wrong

I was introduced to ping pong…

Hey everyone!

I just submitted my game Cave Runner for Ludum Dare 48 game competition. The premise of the game is pretty simple. Jump about the cave and collect the tokens from level to level. Be careful though, the levels can get very tricky and complicated!

Download Here:

**Please remember that everything you see was made by me in less than 48 hours**

It’s been a long time since I’ve updated my Tumblr, sorry about that. I’ve had my time consumed with finishing a 2nd build for Nova, planning a possible sequel (which is an entire blog post on it’s own) and working on a separate project (which has yet to be announced).

So far on Nova I have all of the bugs finished and I should have a second build ready for download before the weekend gets here. A few changes I’ve made were:

  • Made the Juggernaut class stronger
  • Nerfed the High Dragon
  • When you level up you allot 5 points instead of 3
  • Edited the store values (5 instead of 3)

The only bug that remains is one I cannot find nor fix, that is where you select one monster and it gives you another. It only occurs in the later stages of the game when you are about to fight the High Dragon. Sadly this bug must remain but I assure you that it will not remain in future titles.


As you all may not know my Text-based RPG called Nova was written in Python 2.7 and since then, due to other projects, I updated Python to 3.x.x — As many of you may not know, Python 3.0.0 provided many updates to the syntax. Thus is doing so, I am forced to update and re-organize the source for Nova Alpha_04 and push back the release until further notice.

Alpha_04 will be the final Python release.

On the other hand, I am rebuilding Nova in Java (Java > Python) and have created only the menu system that has yet to be functional, but is practical. From here I will rebuild Alpha_01 and take proper steps in reaching the progress of Alpha_04 and beyond.

I’ve since started work on Nova Alpha_04 and thought I would share some of the ideas I was going to add into the mix:

  • Complete the leveling system
  • Level cap at 10 for now
  • Add a basic store
  • Fix a few minor bugs
  • Add a new monster(s)
  • Possible new area
  • alter and rework the battle algorithms

Those are just a few of the things I will be adding within the next few weeks

Hi Everyone,

I’m know some of you have played my Alpha demo of Nova and I would like to say to you all, Thank You for playing. I’ve received feedback and I’m currently structuring another Alpha release around that.

One of the many things that was mentioned was the battle system. Continually typing “atk” or “attack” during battles was a bit tedious and boring. I’ve designed an updated battle system where the the battle happens automatically in front of you.

Along with the mentioned update I also plan on using stats to track your level, gold, experience, current weapon, health, etc.

This update won’t be uploaded for at least another month as I am still designing most of the major commands.

On a side note I am still working on the Android release for Nova — Alpha 0.2 currently runs well on Android 2.1 and above, but due to major changes in the code for Alpha 0.3 we have hit a snag in Android development, but none-the-less I will release 1.0 for Android.

I think everyone who has played the first Alpha demo (0.2) will love the way that 0.3 will feel when it gets released.